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M2C strives for the safety of your children in shopping centres

M2C strives for the safety of your children in shopping centres

Losing a child in a shopping mall is every parent’s nightmare. Just one moment of inattention and your child can suddenly be gone. At M2C, we understand these concerns, which is why we have launched a project aimed at ensuring maximum safety for your children when they visit shopping centres.

Our colleagues in Wroclaw are holding meetings with kindergarten children and sharing practical advice for behaviour in shopping centres. They will teach your children how to behave properly in the parking lot, when using escalators and elevators, and what to do if someone gets lost.

The lectures are led by our colleague Marcin Walkowiak, who has many years of experience working in the field of safety. As a father of two boys, he understands the concerns and challenges that visiting a shopping mall can bring. His lectures are not just a simple sharing of information, they are interactive sessions designed to give children the confidence and knowledge needed to make a safe trip to the mall.

We are proud to now be expanding this project not only in Wroclaw, but also to our other branches. Thank you for your support and we are excited to work together to take the next steps in improving the safety of our youngest visitors.

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