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Social responsibility

We operate on an international level, but we are at home in the Czech Republic for more than a quarter of a century. We are constantly striving to bring innovative solutions to our clients, and for this we need satisfied colleagues who will pull together with us. We rely on corporate culture, we support our employees in terms of work and personal. We want to deliver the best results, both in relation to our customers and for our entire team.

“As a major employer, service provider and business partner for our clients, we are aware of the impact and responsibility of our business. Therefore, CSR activities in M2C definitely do not stand aside and we try to fit them into all the activities we run. It is our goal to improve the environment in which we do business and live. We see responsible behavior as an integral part of our business. ”

Matěj Bárta,
Director general

Nový projekt


What is really important to us and what we excel at are positive values, respect for the approach to people and strong cohesion. We value our (8500) employees and support them, because only thanks to people and their work are we a successful international company. For this reason, we focused our endowment fund mainly on the support of our employees.


Currently, our company is fully focused on supporting its employees with difficult lives. As part of the M2C Foundation fund, the company has introduced the M2C People support project, which primarily supports our employees and their disadvantaged children.

Endowment fund in time:


Fighters Jindra and Tomáš

At the beginning of this year, we again launched nominations for this year’s M2C People project, when we were again looking for a child fighter who deserved our help. In the end, we selected two fighters from the nominations received, Jindra and Tomáš, to whom we will concentrate our help this year. We will thus divide the individual financial donations equally between these fighters.

The first fighter is 6-year-old Jindra, who has his own world. After a financially and time-consuming walk to various doctors and examinations, the parents were informed three years ago of his diagnosis, namely a congenital brain defect of the autism spectrum of the 2nd degree (moderate autism). Little Jindra had a hard time learning to talk, walk and do all the common things young children do. Now Jindra goes to a special kindergarten with the support of an assistant teacher, who teaches Jindra and accompanies him from his own world to “normal life”, accompanying not only Jindra but also his parents, who are trying to get closer to Jindra’s world. Jindra needs constant care, he has a large number of other examinations by medical specialists, all are assisted by other specialists such as a speech therapist or a psychologist. Jindra requires all-day care with a great deal of patience from his loving family.

The second fighter is Tomáš, a very skilful boy who, however, needs constant supervision and care due to a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder. He goes to the eighth grade of primary school, where he is accompanied by a teaching assistant. For six years now, she has been visiting the Morning Care Center twice a week, where she learns social skills, communicates with other children and adults, and practices daily tasks and situations she may experience. He is a bright boy with an excellent memory, but he is closed and does not say out loud and in front of others his opinion or answer, pain or worry. He likes sports, especially football and hockey. He monitors all matches, has a complete overview of players and their transfers, maps stadiums throughout the country and would like to visit them all over time. In September last year, an unfortunate event took place, which greatly affected Tomáš and his parents. His mother had a serious injury, was treated in hospital for a month, and all the care of daily life and online teaching was up to his father. Bravely, though not easily and without problems, they both dealt with it.


Fighters Martin and Jaroušek

At the beginning of 2020, it was really not easy to choose from the nominations received, as each of the received stories deserves our support. And since this is the fifth jubilee election this year, we have decided to select two fighters this year.

The first fighter was Martin from Liberec. Martin has a congenital malformation of the left upper limb. He has been suffering from severe migraines for 6 years, which have been really severe in the last six months, he has been bullied at school and therefore it is necessary to go to psychologists. However, he is a smart boy who would like to be a programmer in the future. Although Martin basically has only one hand (the other one is stunted), until recently he devoted himself to the martial sport of karate. Now he is engaged in bushcraft and photography and sings in the prestigious music choir Jablonec nad Nisou, where he wants to work his way up to the ensemble Iuventus Gaude (this year he will undergo casting). He enjoys cooking and tries parkour during the summer.




The second fighter was Jaroušek from Kutná Hora, who suffers from developmental dysphasia, ADHD, and is almost blind due to premature birth (ZTP / P). Jaroušek’s health condition requires regular examinations throughout the country (Prague, Pardubice, Kolín), which is of course very financially and time-consuming.


Warrior Alex

In 2019, we supported little Alex.

Alex was born in 2010, weighed almost 5 kilos and was lively to the world. After a while, however, his development stopped, he began to have speech problems, and he was very restless and suffered from insomnia. His hyperactivity

it gradually became unbearable and he could not be left alone for a moment so as not to hurt himself. His parents, who both work at M2C, arranged shifts so that someone was always at home with him. Then they finally learned the diagnosis – Alex has incurable childhood autism with mental retardation. Now Alex is attending a special primary school, where he is helped by a specially trained assistant and he is slowly managing, for example, trips, even though it is very difficult for his parents.


Warrior Lukáš

Lukáš is a child fighter for 2018. He has been blind since birth, he has undergone cerebral palsy and right-sided hemiparesis (partial paralysis). Due to all diseases, he is completely dependent on the 24-hour care of his parents every day. The collection was used for medical aids for the blind and non-walking and an orthosis for the right arm and leg.


Warrior Markétka

The warrior Markétka suffers from the rare Zellweger syndrome. Taking care of her is very difficult for the whole family. The pram in which she carries it is already small for Markéta, and the standard pram for disabled children cannot fit in the family’s car. We therefore donate the proceeds to the purchase of a bicycle trolley, which will make their daily lives easier and also give them the opportunity to spend more time together. They will be able to go on a trip without having to stay at home.


Warrior David

The very first supported child was Davídek, to whom we handed over a total voucher for rehabilitation aids, because he suffers from cerebral palsy.


The M2C Foundation also aims to support university students in developing new technologies for those in need. It was established in close cooperation with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The goal of the M2C Foundation is to involve young talented people in useful projects and also provide them with relevant practice. The M2C Foundation project focuses not only on non-profit organizations helping children with disabilities, but also on organizations that focus on helping other needy groups, including seniors.

Endowment fund in time:


Collection support for the Jedlička Institute

The following year, the CTU University in Prague, in cooperation with the M2C Foundation, prepared a competition, this time focused on the creation of a mobile game, which would support the financial collection for the completion of the Jedlička Institute ( The game was thematically focused on the animated clip of the band The Tap Tap – My Choice. In addition to the game itself, the project also focused on the development of a business model.


Pink Crocodile

The Pink Crocodile organization was chosen to start the project in 2014. It is a kindergarten with English lessons that integrates children with disabilities together with healthy children. Students of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering were approached and motivated to create a web application which, thanks to the combination of interactive and audiovisual elements, helps children not only with the acquisition of basic words, but also with the basics of sign language.

“We support students in issuing resources that will enable them to develop new technologies for the purpose of implementation and evaluation in terms of non-profit social responsibility.”

Tereza Rýparová
Manager of the marketing department



It is important for us that our partners receive comprehensive services with a high degree of professionalism. Based on expertise and know-how in security, maintenance and cleaning services, M2C has become an important entity setting trends in the Czech and international market.

Voluntary responsible behavior of our society is based on three pillars: economic, social and environmental.

In the economic field, we are expected to have transparent business and positive relationships with investors, customers, suppliers and other business partners. We realize that retaining a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one, and that educated customers are “more innovative” and therefore able to increase sales and turnover.

In the social area, our responsible company behavior focuses on approaching employees and supporting the surrounding community. In the workplace and in the local community, we thus undertake to directly or indirectly influence the standard of living, health, safety, education and cultural development of citizens.

In the environmental field, we are aware of our impacts on living and non-living nature, including the ecosystem, soil, air and water. We carry out our business activities in such a way as to protect natural resources and burden the environment as little as possible.


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