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We know how to do smart waste management

We know how to do smart waste management

Ask yourself now – are you maximizing vehicle capacity utilization in waste management? Wondering where the costs could be saved throughout the cycle? We offer a simple solution in the form of remote monitoring of containers. Smart waste management technology is used mainly in cities, municipalities, retail and in every production process where production is linked to a lot of waste.

Intelligent Smart sensors and a remote monitoring of a container fullness allow you to manage the waste management team in the most efficient way, tailored exactly to your needs.

We offer two possible ways to be notified when a container is full. The first variant is the so-called Smart button, the key of which is to notify the employee of our system, which will follow on the basis of this information planned automatically. The second way is intelligent sensors that monitor the filling of the container every hour and send information to our system. When the sensor set that the container is full, it automatically includes it in the pickup schedule.

A worker who takes care of emptying the containers has access to all relevant information through the tablet via a mobile application, where the system itself automatically generates the entire collection plan. The application guides him/her through the whole process, shows the full containers and the floor plan of the area and navigates him/her step by step. The worker also has an opportunity to send feedback through the application and draw attention, for example, to an obstacle that can prevent him/her from emptying the container.

Through the application, an Operator has an overview of all operations in real time. The whole solution also includes reports and analyses, compiled on the basis of collected data, which shows the quality of services and the efficiency of the entire process.

Smart sensors are able, for example, to design a more efficient waste collection plan in municipalities. The main premise is to remotely obtain information about the fullness of containers, set the appropriate frequency of pickups and plan them so that drivers free up capacity for other clients. After the implementation of smart sensors, it is possible to adjust the routes and do so in such a way that the municipalities manage to reduce costs and operate the time burden of the vehicle by almost 60%.

The main benefit of this solution lies in the smaller number of kilometres travelled by a worker, who collects wastes and higher efficiency of the planned collection, i.e. not cyclically, but as needed. As a result, you can make better use of the vehicle’s capacity and time. Effective route planning also means less air pollution and improvement of the environment. The implementation of the solution is simple and fast, we will manage the software installation, training of your employees and start-up within 7 working days.

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