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„The demand for optimization solutions and digitization in facility management is constantly increasing,“ says František Leiter, M2C country manager for the Polish market

„The demand for optimization solutions and digitization in facility management is constantly increasing,“ says František Leiter, M2C country manager for the Polish market

Mr. Leiter has been working for M2C for 12 years in various positions and has many years of experience in the industry, from managing technology projects, security to his current position in Top Management.
He has worked professionally in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Hello, Mr. Leiter, you are the country manager of M2C for the Polish market, and we would be very interested to know how you perceive the current situation in integrated facility management on our market?

I have to say that our industry has been hit hard by the measures related to the Covid 19 pandemic and the subsequent, Europe-wide, rise in inflation. Understandably, this has had an impact on the labour market, which for all companies in the industry means upward pressure on wages, both minimum wages and the remuneration of skilled workers. This logically translates into rising prices for the services provided. Our industry is fundamentally changing due to the experience of the recent pandemic, but it is clear that the demand for quality, comprehensive service, optimisation solutions and digitalisation is on the rise.

Your company has many years of tradition and operates in more than 10 markets in Europe, so you have the opportunity to compare. How did the different countries deal with the C19 virus pandemic?

It’s true that different countries tried to choose different strategies at first, but this has gradually evened out and today we can say that the measures required in each country are based on the same premises. Basic hygiene measures must be observed everywhere, with an emphasis on vaccination, disinfection and common sense. This has, of course, had a huge impact on international trade links, which are perhaps now returning to normal, but it is fair to say that in all the markets in which we operate, we are seeing a huge demand for technological solutions that minimise the possibility of the virus spreading and that introduce automation and digitalisation, even in services where it used to be common to use physical workers.

What does this look like?

As a technology company offering a full range of integrated facility management services, we are naturally trying to respond to this situation, which is why we have developed a unique technology solution, M2C e-Reception, which is being used in many of the areas where we operate.

Whether it is the hotel services segment, or logistics centres, technology parks or office buildings, our unique solution can be applied everywhere to help customers speed up and improve reception services, replace existing physical receptionists, doormen or better organise unloading and logistics in the case of manufacturing, logistics and technology centres.

M2C e-Reception works with modern technologies and can fully check-in a visitor without contact, issue an entry magnetic card after reading the vaccination certificate, advise on orientation around the area, connect with the helpdesk of the M2C Space surveillance centre and provide other services according to individual needs and specifications of clients, which is based on our ability to offer complete services in the IFM industry. All this with an emphasis on safety and maximum health protection.

So, automation and remote management is the way to go?

The skilled and professional work of our employees will be key in our industry for a long time to come, but also thanks to the impact of the anti-Covid 19 measures, there has been a shift in the mindset of clients and many are considering the use of modern technological solutions, which, moreover, bring a non-negligible financial effect in the medium and long term. It’s also about faster and better customer service and health compliance. And this change is perhaps one of the few positives that the past, difficult period for everyone in the industry, has brought.

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