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Improving safety in car parks: how to prevent accidents

Improving safety in car parks: how to prevent accidents

For car park owners and managers, safety and user comfort are key factors that influence the overall impression of parking for users. In addition to sufficient lighting and signage, modern technologies can now be used to significantly contribute to increased safety and convenience when parking. In this article, we’ll look at some of these tools that parking lot owners and managers can use to maximize safety and user experience in parking lots.


Adequate parking lot lighting

In addition to providing bright lighting for driving and pedestrian areas, it’s important to provide minimal shadows in areas where potential attackers could be hiding. Attention should certainly also be paid to elevators, stairwells and the exterior of parking garages, which are among the highest risk areas. Another important issue is the use of car park lighting for the safety of drivers in daylight.


If the contrast between bright daylight and a shaded garage is too great, it can cause momentary blindness for entering drivers. Therefore, consideration should be given to lighting the entrances to parking structures to minimize the risk of this situation.


Access control for safe parking

If you want to increase the security of your car park or garage, installing access control can be a very effective way to do this. The use of security booths, gates and lift/lower arms to control vehicle and pedestrian access can help reduce unauthorised access and increase traffic control.


It is also important to prevent access to private areas and locations that could provide hiding places for potential attackers by using structural elements such as cement blocks, fencing, or other barriers. These measures can greatly contribute to the security of your facility.


The importance of proper parking lot signage

A key element to improving security is installing appropriate parking lot signage that allows for communication with pedestrians, drivers, and potential criminals. Messages on signs should be simple and easy to understand for all visitors. It is important to use signs that inform visitors about available safety tools such as emergency phones, VASS, and panic buttons and teach them how to use them effectively.


We must not forget about driving safety. Therefore, signage should be installed for drivers to clearly indicate what is allowed in the parking lot and what is not.


Implementation of surveillance systems

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve the security of your parking areas, you might consider installing smart monitoring – a camera system with motion detection. In addition to the usual outdoor motion detection cameras, you can also consider installing devices that are equipped with sophisticated algorithms. These devices can detect people, vehicles, and other objects, allowing you to better record activity in the parking lot.


Outdoor motion detection cameras can also capture images at night or in low light conditions. So if you are planning to install a camera system, consider using motion detection cameras for maximum efficiency and protection of your parking lot.


How to improve parking safety and comfort

Safety and user comfort are key factors that affect the overall user experience of parking. There are several advanced technologies that parking lot owners and managers can use to increase parking safety and convenience, such as adequate parking lot lighting, access control for safe parking, proper signage, and implementation of surveillance systems.


These tools will help minimize the risk of unauthorized access and improve traffic control. The use of these modern technologies can help parking lot owners to increase user satisfaction and ensure the safety of parking areas.


Secure your facilities with PCO and VPCO services from M2C

At M2C, we offer a PCO service – a centralized security console that is staffed by experienced and specially trained operators who are able to monitor and guard your premises 24/7. They monitor a wide range of security systems, such as cameras and alarms, and respond immediately in the event of any unusual occurrences.


In case you want an even higher level of protection, we also offer a VPCO service, which stands for virtual centralised security console. This service is based on a similar principle to PCO, but instead of using operators in the headquarters, modern security technologies are used to allow direct monitoring of the car park from the headquarters.

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