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How to efficiently maintain and clean your property during the summer: pay particular attention to clogged air conditioning

How to efficiently maintain and clean your property during the summer: pay particular attention to clogged air conditioning

Summer is the season that most everyone looks forward to. For property managers, however, the hot months can bring more than one challenge. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay special attention to when maintaining your property during the summer to keep your tenants happy.


The key to effective cleaning is proper organisation

The most important thing of all is the correct and timely timing of all the cleaning and maintenance work you have to do. Go through the building from the roof to the basement to the exterior, prepare a comprehensive list of all necessary activities and set clear priorities. Then, plan the exact dates you will tackle each task. Also check that you have enough equipment for cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

Inform your tenants well in advance of any important repairs or other activities that could disrupt the normal running of the building, so that they have time to make any necessary arrangements. Take their needs and wishes into account. If the dates set do not suit them for important reasons and can be changed, please accommodate them.


What is the primary focus during the summer?

Air conditioning inspection and maintenance

Air conditioning is a great help during the summer months. However, you need to take good care of it, otherwise its filters will clog up quickly. Not only does it stop working properly and can even endanger the health of your tenants, but it can also cost you a lot more to run – it starts using more electricity and can easily cause irreversible damage.

That’s why, if the rooms in your building are equipped with wall-mounted air conditioning, you should always remove the dust filters and wash them in water and detergent at least once a month. You should also vacuum the entire inside of the air conditioner, thoroughly clean the plastic pre-filter of any remaining dust and clean the evaporator coil using a special cleaning spray.

When organising your air conditioning cleaning, make sure you also set aside time for regular disinfection using special disinfectants. Without this, you risk an overgrowth of bacteria, viruses and moulds that can cause breathing difficulties, allergies and other health problems in more sensitive individuals.

If you’re not too confident in your technical skills in this regard, we’ll be happy to take care of regular, effective cleaning of your air conditioner for you.

Renovations and minor adjustments

Given the warm weather, the summer months are also an ideal time for renovations or at least minor alterations to properties that don’t benefit much from other times of the year. What are some good things to check and possibly repair during the summer?

  • Seals around windows and doors
  • the condition of balconies or terraces
  • the functionality of outdoor lighting
  • interior painting or alterations to the facade of the building

Does the idea of cleaning up after painting or major renovations scare you? No stress. Contact us and we will be happy to take care of the final efficient cleaning of your premises.

Tenant comfort and safety

With summer comes a resurgence of mosquitoes and other insects that can make your tenants uncomfortable. Make sure the people in your home can sleep soundly with an open window on hot nights – fit all windows with insect screens.

Even more annoying than mosquitoes can be ticks, which carry a number of dangerous diseases. To ensure they don’t thrive too much around your property, make sure you also regularly maintain your lawn. While ticks will be deterred, your tenants will appreciate a mowed and manicured lawn.

Is it too much for you? Our cleaning company can help.

Is it too much for you? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything yourself. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll be happy to take care of one-off or regular cleaning of your premises, or we can take care of the entire property. Contact us and we’ll create a bespoke solution to suit your exact needs.

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