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TrackSys will help prevent unnecessary theft in the cash register area and logistics center

TrackSys will help prevent unnecessary theft in the cash register area and logistics center

Are you struggling with theft in your store?
Do you have problems with abuse of the cash register system?
Do you need to have an overview of events in the cash register space or a logistics centre?

You can prevent unnecessary thefts with our software connected to the camera system and cash register, or logistics software. Thanks to TrackSys, it is possible to capture non-standard behaviour when loading the bar-codes and handling goods or to detect procedural errors when loading goods in a logistics centre. TrackSys can be connected to both new and existing camera systems.

Unique method of cash receipts control TrackSys has the ability to analyze at one time both a video
from a specific cash register and also a receipt including all loaded items. The system can detect cases of loading codes of cheaper goods than what is actually present on the cash register belt. TrackSys detects even a misuse of tickets from bottle automats or incorrectly performed cancellation of a shopped item.

Why TrackSys?

  • You will get an up-to-date overview of all transactions.
  • You will decrease financial losses.
  • Prevention from the machinations with the goods or the cash register system.
  • Fast and efficient evaluation of suspicious transactions in one place.
  • All recorded in the video archive for possible investigation of the theft.

All in One software

How to streamline your work to the maximum? We designed a software solution that can be connected to third-party systems and thus served as the default platform for working with multiple systems at once.

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