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The use of artificial intelligence in the technical management of buildings

The use of artificial intelligence in the technical management of buildings

The commercial real estate industry is a highly complex and ever-changing field, and the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally transformed the industry. New technologies are making it possible to remotely manage, monitor properties and facilities, and extract critical data to improve performance and ensure the best possible customer experience. Using predictive maintenance and IoT, it is possible to predict and fix problems before they become critical, significantly reducing maintenance and repair costs. These technologies have great potential in the commercial real estate industry and are expected to be increasingly used in the future.


Artificial intelligence is revolutionising facility management

Facility management in building maintenance is a complex field that encompasses many activities including maintenance, management and operation of buildings, facilities and infrastructure. These activities are important to ensure the smooth operation of buildings and infrastructure.


However, nowadays technology is developing rapidly and artificial intelligence can bring many improvements to the field of facility management.


  • Predictive maintenance: artificial intelligence can analyse data from sensors and equipment and predict when maintenance needs to be carried out to avoid failure. This can reduce downtime, extend equipment life and save repair costs.
  • Security: Artificial intelligence can be used to improve security in facilities by analysing data from security cameras, sensors and other devices. This can help detect and prevent security breaches and reduce emergency response times.
  • Energy management: energy consumption can be optimised using AI by analysing data from sensors and building management systems. This can lead to significant reductions in energy costs.
  • Space optimization: Artificial intelligence can help facility managers optimize space utilization by analyzing data on occupancy, traffic patterns and usage. This can increase the efficiency of space utilisation, improve workflows and increase employee productivity.


A new attraction for the younger generation

AI applications can be used in buildings not only to optimise various processes, but also to attract a younger generation of employees to the facilities management industry. Young people are typically looking for jobs that offer work with modern technologies, and the use of AI can be an attractive factor for those who want to work in the building management sector. Despite concerns that AI may replace human workers, it is more likely that AI solutions will simply change some aspects of the job and ensure more efficient use of human resources.


Using AI to make facilities management more efficient

Artificial intelligence has huge potential to improve facility management processes. These innovative technologies can bring further process improvements, increased efficiency and performance, and new opportunities for facilities management.


If these technologies become widespread, they can bring a range of benefits across many sectors, including industrial, commercial, healthcare and more. It is clear, therefore, that artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in facilities management as well.

M2C – Comprehensive building management services for the public sector

We provide comprehensive building management services to the public sector using modern technology and reliable staff. Services include technical building management and maintenance, security and facility management integration. With M2C Space’s unique state-of-the-art facility, responsible staff are able to provide remote monitoring, workstation dispatching and remote technology security services.


M2C also offers its clients customized and comprehensive energy management services. Their goal is to ensure smooth building operations and reduce operating costs for public institutions.

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