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Every employee in a labour relationship is entitled to 4 weeks of leave. However, if the employee:

  • Has a weekly schedule of 40 hours per week by 8 hours a day, he is entitled to 4 weeks of vacation. This is 20 days * 8 hours = 160 hours of annual vacation time.
  • On unevenly scheduled working hours of 38.75 or 37.5 hours per week by 11-hour shifts, he is entitled to 15 days. 15 days * 11 hours = 165 hours of vacation time per year.

The holiday is always determined by the employer. The holiday's report must be filled in for the proper holiday time announcement, with the number of days and hours drawn. It must also be signed by a senior employee and an employee taking the holiday time.

Refund for AS is calculated from the average on holiday at 60%. This result is reduced according to the rules:

  • From the amount up to CZK 164.85 90% is reduced.
  • From the amount from CZK 164.85 to the amount of CZK 247.10, 60% is calculated.
  • From CZK 247.10 to CZK 494.20, 30% is calculated.

The employer pays the first 14 days of the sick leave, the first 3 days are unpaid (these are the first three working days and are based on the employee calendar). Payout takes place at the regular payout date. From the 15th day, sick leave is paid by Czech social administration authority, which has 30 days for payment after receiving all the documents.

The cost of the employer means health and social insurance (34% in total) of the gross employee's salary paid by the employer. This figure is important for the calculation of the super-gross wage, from which the employee is charged the tax prepayment..

On the 22nd day of the following month.

The deadline for receiving the payroll is on 22nd. Electronic pay-roll are sent before paper ones. The fastest is, therefore, to set up an electronic payroll with the employer.

Entitlement to surcharges is determined by the law, where the surcharges are calculated according to the hours worked in the labour relationship. There is no entitlement to surcharges for hours worked on contract for work and contract for work activity.

These surcharges are broken down separately on each line with the exact name.

The basic control is the number of hours worked x position rate = gross wage.

The positioning rate is set by the senior employee and is announced at the interview or prior to the shift..

In the case of a standard 12-hour shift, 11 hours are paid and 1 hour is an unpaid break.

Only the tax advantage as § 35 according to the relevant letter, the following documents are important for the application: copy of the birth certificate, original of the employer confirmation and confirmation of the other spouse. Entitlement only arises when the employee has at least half the minimum wage.

The surcharge for banking holiday and day off is paid according to the holiday average shown on the payroll. It is automatically re-calculated for the next 3 months (quarter) for the previous 3 months (quarter). The holiday is paid only on termination of the employment relationship, within labour relation days off are taken and employees are paid holiday compensation, which is calculated from the average.

The tax benefit for the 1st child is CZK 1,117, for the 2nd child CZK 1,417, for the 3rd and the next child CZK 1717.

In the case of doubt, please contact your Administrative Manager as soon as possible - the phone is listed on the payroll. When entitled to tax discount, the taxpayer's declaration must be signed; the discount on the individual is CZK 2070, the invalidity of the 1st and 2nd degree CZK 210, the invalidity of the 3rd degree CZK 420 per month, the student CZK 335.

The amount for each piece of uniform is written on the equipment and return sheet that the employee signs when he takes over the uniform.

If this amount is exceeded, the employee pays 4,5% from the health insurance and 6,5% from the social insurance + 15% from the super-gross wage.

The holiday should be taken in the period (year) when the entitlement arises. If the holiday is not taken, it is transferred to the next period and should be taken as soon as possible.

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